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Beauty from Ashes

June 25, 2018     |     Gaomong Yang Chervunkong

"...The unfading Beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit is of great worth in God's eyes."

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In my younger years, I've gone through many hurdles and slowly learned through time that no amount of these earthly offerings could ever mend my brokenness and fill the emptiness I had in my heart even though sometimes, I felt like the world was in the palm of my hands;

This was my internal struggle and ultimately, what brought me into Jesus' saving Grace.


On Christmas Eve 2006, I attended our UCLE Youth Mission Department Revival in Fresno, CA and my life was forever changed.

That evening, Reverend Chervang led not just one but two alter callings, back to back because he knew the devil had instilled fear in us in hopes we wouldn’t be saved, so he continued to lead us into prayer once more. 

In the second alter calling, I did as Rev. Chervang said and casted away the devil who provoked fears and lies declaring that I am a child of God and it will no longer have control over my life anymore.  In that moment, I realized how much I needed Jesus and how meaningless and empty my life had been and would continue to be without Him and repented.  I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and spoke in tongues that night. 


I felt an instant peace flowing over me, wrapping me up in warmth and the brokenness and void in my heart completely disappeared.  Thank You, Jesus! Only You can truly mend us and make beauty from ashes. Amen!


Today, when I'm met with uncertainty, I no longer seek validation in this world but submerge myself into His Word, quiet my soul holding tight to His promises, and trust that in His time, everything will be beautiful for the glory of God.


Of many Bible verses, this one is held near and dear to my heart and I hope it’ll also bless you in your walk with Christ as well: in Simon Peter’s letter, he writes to further guide us in our faith in response to God’s promises to


“supplement our faith with goodness, and goodness with knowledge, and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with perseverance, and perseverance with godliness, and godliness with mutual affection, and mutual affection with love for everyone”

so that we can learn to separate ourselves from the earthly ways and join in His way of Living and not just through our “sayings” but always striving to bring Him glory spiritually, mentally, and physically; we are working and living accordingly from the inside out and if we’re able to respond to His promises in such a way like Simon Peter’s letter, He says that we are free from the corruption of the world because we choose to join in His way of Living; that is Heaven on earth.



Let us remember to continuously praise God for His goodness, read and meditate on His Word, and always “SEEK the Kingdom of God above all else, and LIVE righteously….” (Matthew 6:33) Amen.   

Lastly but most important, I truly, truly could not be the individual I am today without the love and guidance from Rev. Chervang and my parents that have led me to Jesus and whom are still my greatest mentors. May God bless them and my dearest husband, Reverend Chingsou K. Chervunkong -my little glimpse of God’s Love on earth, forevermore.  


Thank you for tuning in to this month's blog.  

Peace be with you always,

Gaomong Yang Chervunkong

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